Our Story

Our story began in 2017 after our Australian founders, Paul and Brandon, two competitive World of Warcraft and Dota gamers, experienced first-hand the pain on their necks, backs and wrists from spending long periods in front of their computers. 

In response, we teamed up with Elevate Ergonomics a leading manufacturer of height adjustable desks with years of experience in designing and installing large scale office fit-out projects for multinational companies, financial institutions and tech start-ups across Australia. With their industry expertise and guidance we meticulously designed an ergonomic desk using the same high quality commercial grade materials with an added touch of sleek and menace that would be perfect for the gamer community.


The end result is a scientifically engineered desk that encourages movement and keeps you comfortable and healthy even when you're at your desk for hours.

Humans weren't made to sit at a desk all day, we were made to move. 

Invest in your health

Upgrade to a BattleStation™ Desk today!


BattleStation™ Standard Size

Desktop size: 1500mm (Long) x 750mm (Wide) 


BattleStation™ XL Size

Desktop size: 1800mm (Long) x 750mm (Wide)